Ways to be diligent and safe when buying used cars

Purchasing a car online can be as easy as meeting..

Ways to be diligent and safe when buying used cars

Purchasing a car online can be as easy as meeting the person and driving away with the car after the transaction is made or as difficult as your worst nightmare coming true. There are many honest people just looking to get some extra cash from a car they want to sell and there are scammers using the internet to prey on unsuspecting victims. It would be better to play it safe and go with a friend to a meeting with a car owneror press for verification of the person’s identity before meeting them in person. You can check to see if the person has a criminal background through public police records, though meeting in a safe public place may be the best defense against scammers since many scammers hide behind anonymity to successfully commit their crimes.

Carfax and other sellers of vehicle history reports have their services open to anyone with the car’s VIN. Although the prices of more detailed reports may be high, they will prove valuable to you if you want to spend your hard earned cash on a reliable vehicle you plan to use long-term.


Without a reliable report on the used vehicle there isn’t much you can do to check on the current condition of the car before making a purchase without having the owner agree to go with you to witness the car being serviced. Many people aren’t very auto care savvy and may need a trusted friend or relative go with them to ensure the car is in good condition before they make a purchase. The car may also appear to be just fine the first few months and not work thereafter, but this may or may not be due to the lack of disclosure on the car by the owner. However, if you know the history of the car, get the car serviced, and trust the person you’re meeting, you are better prepared to make an informed decision on the current condition of the used car.

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