Most humans are confronted with the predicament; vehicle cowl or garage. They definitely need to defend their vehicle. They are practical enough to realist that if they do not do something about it, all their difficult earned cash, and favorite car, will go down the drain. Cars which are included have a longer existence expectancy than those who are not. Fact.

So the question stays; get a garage, or a car cowl?

Well have a look at the opportunities. Many people will find that despite the fact that they desired a storage they don’t have where to place it. Property is small and high-priced these days. If there may be area to construct, people would favor to add a room to the residence for residing, no longer for the auto. This is other than the economic factor. Garages are costly to build. There is making plans permission to get, architect, builders, and this is only the beginning. The cost is sizable, and there is the preservation too. However, say these are not troubles, the money and space is there. So what to select.

Practicalities. In all due appreciate, there may be nothing more sensible to defend a automobile than a automobile cowl. A vehicle cowl, due to it being so compact, can be taken round everywhere. This is to say, that anywhere the automobile is, so is its cowl. The cowl can come along inside the trunk of the auto, and be capable of protect the auto anywhere inside the global from anything. This is some thing that garages can’t compete with!

In addition, motors are not even continually so secure in garages either. In the general public of cases, garages are not spacious places, in reality they may be commonly quite tight. This consequently way that regularly people must squeeze beyond the auto to get from one quit of the garage to the alternative. In doing so they will inadvertently scratch or dent the auto. In addition, a storage does now not keep the auto dust free like the automobile cowl will. In fact it is also garages, in which people do no longer often smooth, that create greater dirt than ever. Many preserve their old junky items, full of dust, inside the storage, and consequently keeping the car in there, is simply an invite for layer upon layer if dirt, and even dirt too.

Car covers offer just as a good deal protection as garages from the detriments and risks of nature. All weather covers are designed to defend the car regardless of what the climate. The cover is full water resistant, ensuring that no rain, sleet, snow or every other undesirable beverages could be able to paintings their way through to the auto. Resistance to ultra violet mean that the sun’s dangerous rays will now not be capable of penetrate either. Being that the automobile is blanketed, it is also shielded from the alternative disastrous stains which include tree sap, and birds muck.


Toyota introduces the Etios 2015 line with new items of comfort and convenience, meeting consumer demand. Highlight for the top-of-the-line Platinum version, which adds multimedia center with browser, rear camera, system with DVD playback and digital TV. The Etios family has nine versions, five hatchbacks and four sedans, to meet the diverse customer profiles that cherish the product’s recognized strengths, such as excellent performance, fuel economy, ample interior space, safety and quality, durability and reliability of the Toyota brand. In the dealerships starting on September 19, the Etios 2015 line is presented in the X, XS, XLS and Platinum versions, in hatchback and sedan bodies, with a five-speed manual transmission and 1.3L (X version) and 1.5L ( other versions) 16V Flex. All versions of the sedan feature the 1.5L 16V Flex engine. There is also the Cross version, available in the hatchback, with 1.5L 16V Flex engine, equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. The entire Etios range, from the X version, offers a list of equipment, unique in input models, consisting of front dual air bag and ABS brakes with EBD (electronic brake distribution), seat belt with pre-tensioner and brake limiter. force, progressive electro-assisted steering, air conditioning, windows and electric locks.


The Etios 2015 line is even more complete with new items of convenience and design. Etios X the X version on both bodies offers a new fuel gauge, which also includes a digital watch, steering wheel with the same design as the new Corolla 2015 and the Camry, fabric finish on the doors and knobs with chrome accents. It also includes preparation for installation of sound in the rear, driver’s seat with height adjustment, audible warning of open doors and headlights on and auto down function for the driver’s electric glass.

Etios XS

The XS version adds to the X items, also in both bodies, audio system with new interface and Bluetooth® connection, alarm by remote control, sound controls on the steering wheel and finishing of the seats in fabric and synthetic material.

Etios XLS and Cross

As an additional novelty for the XLS and Cross versions, there is the leather-trimmed steering wheel trim, Comfort Drive standard seats and the adoption of arrow repeaters on the exterior mirrors. It is worth mentioning that these versions already had different finishing and exclusive items, such as fog lamp.


Launched recently in June, Platinum, the top version of the model, already brings news in its 2015 line. Highlight the multimedia center with browser, a rear camera, DVD and digital TV playback system, audio system control and Bluetooth connection ®. In addition, the template aggregates all new items from the other versions.
On the outside, the Etios Platinum stands out for the unique 15-inch wheels with darkened finish, plus body-colored parking sensor, black-shroud rear lamps, chrome front grille, chrome ornaments for fog lights and base of the trunk and the “Platinum” emblem.
Inside, there are chromed details on the base and the gearshift knob, which in the Platinum is lined in leather.


The Toyota Etios was the first compact car in the country to win four stars (of five possible) in protection for the passengers of the front seats, and two stars in the protection of the occupants of the rear seats, in the collision test of Latin NCAP. This is due to Toyota’s concern with safety from the design of the vehicle. Its body has several points of impact absorption and programmable deformation, following the same construction line as the Corolla.


The Toyota Fortuner 2015 has just been introduced. The seven-seat SUV will be available only in Australia and possibly later in the countries of Southeast Asia. The model has a large off-road capability and its image is very modern thanks to a current design with headlights that integrate LED daytime running lights. In Australia, the Toyota Fortuner 2015 will initially be available, with only a four-cylinder, 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine capable of producing 177 hp. Coupled with a six-speed manual transmission, the maximum torque is 420 Nm at 1,600 rpm while the six-speed automatic transmission also increases to 450 Nm at 1,400 rpm. In Australia it is customary to put trailers in this type of vehicle and the Toyota Fortuner is capable of dragging up to 3,000 kg with the manual transmission and 2,800 kg with the automatic. In other markets it may also be available with a 2.4-liter 160 hp engine. Mechanically follows the trend of always and its configuration with integral traction, locking the rear differential or system of starting in climbs, makes clear its vocation off-road. The top-of-the-line versions will count among its standard equipment with descent control and smart start and access.


The 2015 model will be sold exclusively in the European market

Toyota has unveiled the new Aygo X-Cite, a compact model that will be marketed in Europe starting in June. The car, which arrives with a unique painting in the color “Cyan Splash”, also has details in Piano Black, wheels of 15 inches in bright black color and optional, the ceiling and the columns A can be painted in the same tone. The two-color paint scheme is also used in the interior, through details, seat upholstery and the panel, which still has some chrome parts. The Aygo comes equipped with the 1.0-liter three-cylinder VVT-i petrol engine that produces 69 horsepower and 95 Nm of torque with a manual or automatic x-shift transmission. With this powertrain configuration the model has an average consumption of 26 km / l and emits 88 g / km of CO2. In addition to the V-Cite version, the Aygo can still receive notice of the change of lane and system against impending collision that brakes the car automatically in an emergency situation.


Toyota has announced the Yaris Hybrid Square Collection special series. The special series is now available in Europe and comes with three exterior colors: White Glacier, Metallic Mica Red and Platinum Bronze, all with Dark Square coverage. The Square Collection also includes four exclusive equipment: black roof and mirrors, tinted rear windows, rear spoiler and specific interiors. The main equipment includes 16-inch alloy wheels, taillights and LED daytime running lights, dual auto air conditioning and Push Start, cruise control, rear electric windows, Bluetooth, Toyota Touch2 with touch screen and rear camera. The only engine in this special series is the 1.5 HSD e-CVT, with the price on the old continent starting at 20,880 euros.


Toyota introduced the Verso upgrade, which received major improvements for its 2016 line. The MPV is updated to be able to face the last stage of its commercial life, before the arrival of its new generation. This is a very important model for Toyota, thanks to its attractive quality / price ratio and its capacity of seven seats distributed in three rows. Its exterior aesthetics are practically unchanged, presenting only a new exterior color for the body called ‘Gris Meteoro’ and new design alloy wheels in 16 or 17 inch sizes. The Toyota Verso receives minor equipment upgrades, the most important one being related to safety, as it has incorporated the Safety Sense as standard on the entire line. It is a set of systems related to active safety, which includes involuntary range change alert, safety system and track maintenance and intelligent control of lights on the road. In addition, it has received improvements in the interior that include the new infotainment system Toyota Touch 2 equipped with a touch screen of 7 inches and improvements in the integrated navigator. It also has a refurbished multifunction steering wheel, which like the shift lever, is coated in better quality leather. On the other hand, both the center console, the cup holders and the handbrake lever received new inserts, while the banks also received a better quality tapestry. At the mechanical level there is no news, since it maintains the gasoline engines with 132 and 147 hp, in addition to a diesel 1.6 of origin BMW with 112 hp.


The Toyota Tacoma is already a sturdy pick-up, and this Carlex Design Polish preparation raises the level in regards to this toughness. With the green paint on the outside and its interior prepared in the same tones, it becomes a vehicle capable of facing any situation. To save exterior look of your car there are protections like jeep wrangler cover. The interior of Tacoma was made to withstand over time, with rock-solid materials that can be easily cleaned. Carlex, on the other hand, gave its own interpretation in every inch of its interior with a fine leather and Alcantara. Aggregate sports seats also received their own treatment with hand-sewn leather. Outside, the design of the Toyota Tacoma by Carlex has remained simple and robust with the perfect accessories for off-road enthusiasts such as a winch, a LED lightbar and wider wheel arches.



Toyota introduced the production version of the Harrier G Sports Concept, called the Toyota Harrier Elegance GS that will be available only in the Japanese market. The car was designed to give a more sporty and unique touch in the basic version of the model, featuring new bumpers, a different front grille and a larger diffuser.  The changes are not just in style, with the car getting a 35mm lower sports suspension, a reinforced chassis and improved brakes. The car also features chrome exhaust and 19-inch alloy wheels with black accents. The interior features Piano Black upholstery, carbon fiber decorations, aluminum pedals and a new three-spoke steering wheel. The car is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder aspirated engine, producing 151 hp and 193 Nm of torque combined with a Super CVT-i transmission and four-wheel drive. The Harrier Elegance will be available in Japan from January with the price starting at 3,291,055 yen, something around 72,900 reais.


The ‘Ever-Better Expedition’ is a journey around the world that travels across five continents to find out what a vehicle needs to survive in the harshest and most adverse conditions. The expedition departed last year from Australia, where a team of 50 engineers drove 15 vehicles through 20,000 km of land.  At the tip of the caravan was this modified Toyota Land Cruiser LC 200. In the middle of the year, the expedition arrived in North America, making a journey of 110 days and 26,000 km being commanded by the Land Cruiser. Components like reinforced bumpers, a chimney for the air filter and high density headlights are some of its modifications. This week, the adventurous Toyota is being presented at the SEMA Show 2015 along with the rest of the novelties of the Japanese brand.